Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's your Gates?

Tonight, Leland and I spent a while playing "What's your Gates?"

A number of months ago, she learned her full name is Leland Joy Gates. She loves to say it over and over again. It was only a few weeks until she started calling Lucy, Lucy Looba Gates. It was at that point, that I realized just how often I refer to daughter #2 as Lucy Looba. So, we taught Leland that her sister's full name is Lucy Maydene Gates. Of course, then Leland asked, "Dad, what's your Gates?" and then "Mom, what's your Gates?"

So, tonight, Leland kept asking "What is your Gates? What is Lucy's Gates? What is Mommy's Gates?" We spent a long time repeating everybody's full names over and over. Finally, I got an idea. "Guess who else is a Gates," I said. "Grammy and Papa are also Gates!" That just about blew her mind.

So, we called Grammy and Leland asked, "Grammy, what's your Gates?"


  1. That is so stinkin' cute! What did mom say?

  2. I love it! Now we are going to have to start playing "what's your Adamson?" Don't you love when they learn something new and then can't stop repeating it! Since my name is Kami Carling Adamson, Alyssa thinks that everone's middle name is Carling! Kids are the best!

  3. So cute! She is such a cutie. Stories like this make me want to change my name to Tiffany Sunshine-Gates Conley (2 middle names... not 2 last names). Ryan won't let me! He says that we don't live in South America!