Sunday, July 31, 2011

We moved

Moving makes life busy and crazy. Most days I try to laugh, but some days I cry. But in an attempt to document our lives, here is an abbreviated rundown of our summer so far. I will add pictures and other posts later.

- We bought a house. A tree fell on it a week later. Luckily, no major damage. That is just one of many home-ownership fiascoes we have had to deal with after owning a home for only a few weeks.

- It poured down rain one of the days we moved most of our stuff into the new house. We had 2 younger boys who had come, that helped wipe down items with a towel when they came into the house. All the men that came to help were soaked from head to toe.

- The upstairs in our house is hot and stuffy (rarely colder than 78 degrees). The downstairs is freezing cold (usually about 64 degrees). Our AC runs all day. I'm sure our power bill is going to be outrageous.

- We are still living among boxes. Two rooms are still completely unlivable based on the number of boxes stacked in them. I really wish half of our stuff would have fallen off the back of the truck. That would have made unpacking easier.

- We do have a guest room set up and ready for you to visit.

- Chuck ruptured a disk in his back in April and was in pain pretty much every day since. He was pretty much useless during all the packing and moving. He recently got cortisone shots in his back and is starting to finally function again. He says he feels three quarters better.

- We all had birthdays. Charly didn't even blow out candles or unwrap any presents on her birthday - poor third child gets the shaft. But, I did get her (and her sisters) a pinata to bust open.

 - This is my first summer with "kids home from school". It has been fun having Leland home all day, but I can't wait for school to start, so I can feel productive again. All three girls will be going to school/preschool this year. It's going to be glorious.

- Lucy started complaining of headaches every day, so her pediatrician suggested getting her vision tested. To my complete shock, she needed glasses. To quote the eye doctor "She is the most near sighted 4 year old I have ever seen." She has quickly taken to her glasses and is becoming very responsible in caring for them. My older sister has glasses and as teenagers, when we were fighting, I pushed her against our fridge, her head slamming against the door, and her glasses broke. At the time I don't think I felt bad about it, but now I do. Glasses are expensive!

- The girls have had lots of fun playing with cousins. Leland spent a week with Nana; Lucy with the Morris'; and Charly with the Benner's while Chuck and I worked on packing the old house. We had the Dittbrenner family play with us here for a week. They were a huge help with the move to the new house. Then all three girls spent a few nights with Nana and Aunt Zebra in Charlottesville.

- The whole family also spent a few days at Smith Mountain Lake with my sisters, mom, and dad.

- We got lice. Seriously disgusting. Chuck says that it's some sort of right of passage of being a mother to so many girls. This is one of those "I wish I had boys, so I could just shave their heads" moments. One day in the next life, I will be asking "What were you thinking when you created lice?!"

- The whole family spent two days at Virginia Beach. Chuck was in a conference, but me and the girls played at the beach.

- On my calendar, August is not so jam packed, so hopefully I can spend more time blogging and lounging by the pool. Although there is no real "lounging" by the pool for me. Charly has no fear of the water and would probably jump off the diving board if I looked down at my book for too long.