Friday, February 10, 2012

Snow Day

One weekend we went up to Baltimore to visit friends and family. The forecast for the few days included snow.  I was excited because I thought surely north of Baltimore would get more snow than Richmond, so this was a great weekend to play in the snow.  I packed all our snow gear to take with us on the trip. Well the weekend came and went with no snow. We had a great weekend with cousins and friends, but I never pulled out the camera, so no pictures of that part.

But we came home to this -

We got home with just enough daylight to quickly make a snow man because I was certain the snow would be gone in the morning.  Chuck and the girls did an awesome job.

Sure enough, the snow was melted in the morning and the next snow day we only had enough snow to make these:
PS - It's kind of fun to look at snow pictures in the middle of summer when you are pregnant and "enjoying" 95+ temps. It reminds me that I'm grateful for seasons and that nothing lasts forever.