Thursday, June 30, 2011

Promised Land Pageant

Leland was in The Promised Land Pageant in June with my mom, Larry, and her cousin Leah. She has looked forward to it all year, since she was in it last summer. She was in a few different scenes this year, but felt like a pro since this was her second year.

The Hocks came to see the pageant too (with cousin Denim). We enjoyed a walk in Washington and dinner before the show.
We took a boat ride with cousins.
We went to the NC Estuarium.
We loved our weekend with cousins.The Benner family, Morris family, and Layni were there for the weekend too.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family fun night

We took the girls to play putt-putt and bumper boats. Those girls were awesome at maneuvering the boats and soaking Chuck.
We all ended up getting at least one hole-in-one during our round of putt-putt.
This is how I feel it is with pictures of kids. There's always someone not ready and looking.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Spider-Princess

Lucy turned 4 years old a few weeks ago, but is often mistaken for a 6 year old. She still towers over most friends her age, but fits right in line with Leland. Her obsession with Spider Man continues, so it was fitting to have a Spider Man themed birthday. She also insisted dressing like a princess for 2 days in celebration of her birthday.
This is the first "friend" birthday party I've done. We have always seemed to be with family during birthdays, so we do the family thing. It was great and very simple. She invited the kids from her class at church and their families to meet at a local park for cake and Popsicles.
A little bit about Lucy:
  • loves SpiderMan, Wild Kratts, and Princesses
  • loves to READ! Yes she just turned 4 and she's been reading for a few months. 
  • determined. She wanted to read so badly, and she worked so hard to learn.
  • the wavy hair, just throws me for a loop. She reminds me to put spray gel in it so it doesn't get "crazy"
  • a collector. She loves to carry things around in her hands. I've tried to get her in the habit of carrying a purse so she's not walking around with her hands full all the time.
  • easy going. Definitely our most easy going child. 
  • peacemaker, usually
  • shy and outgoing at the same time