Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leland v Lucy

Many people have commented that Leland and Lucy look nothing alike. For those of you that did not have the pleasure of knowing Leland as a baby here's a picture:

Leland 9 months old

Lucy 9 months old


  1. Wow! They do look a lot different and you can really tell that their personalities are different too. How can anyone argue that there wasn't a pre-exsistence? These two obviously had their personalities before they arrived here. How cute!

  2. I think something about them is the same, either the eyes or nose. I can't tell. But they are definitely 2 different girls. I think we will be up soon for Leland's birthday!

  3. I actually think they look a little more alike after seeing a pic of them both together. But I think I still see a little more of Chuck in Leland and you in Lucy. What do you and Chuck think?

  4. Leland was (and still is) a mini-Chuck. Lucy is more of a mix. She favors me a little more as I am now with her darker coloring. They look NOTHING like I did as a baby though.