Friday, March 28, 2008

One Word

Lately I have been thinking a lot about being a mother and why I chose to be a mom and have also chosen to be home with my girls. A variety of things have sparked this thought mostly friend's blogs, conversations with a few strangers and friends, and the book I'm reading (Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert).

There was a time in my life when having children was not a priority. Graduating from college and deciding on a career was my focus. Well I did graduate but fell into a career that was not my life's ambitions but enjoyed. I then found a wonderful husband and my desire to start a family finally started to kick in. When I was pregnant it was like I was morphing into a new person, not better or worse, just different. I wanted to learn all I could about being a mom and becoming a better person, so I could be a better mother. I am very fortunate to have a part time job that I do from home. It gives me the opportunity to do non-child related activities. It is not my dream job by any means and if I had not been so lucky to have children when I did who's to say this is what I would be doing? But by any means it gives me an outlet that I am grateful for.

So, is my education a waste now that I am a mother? Of course not. I feel that I am a well rounded, confident person and that helps me be a better mother. I am amazed by my girls every day at how much they can do, how much they know, and how they have learned to play together. I don't think there is any job, even my "dream job" (which I don't even know what that would be), that would be more satisfying then seeing my children grow and learn everyday.

The book I'm reading is a memoir of a woman's search for happiness and contentment. It's an interesting read and I definitely do not agree with her opinion on some things like what determines one's successfulness in life. But that's why I read other's ideas, to decide whether or not I agree. (It's like why I like to read all sorts of parenting books. I'll take every one's ideas and just pick and chose what I will try.)

Anyway, I'm only halfway through the book but one idea that has sparked my interest is, If ONE word described you what would it be? She starts talking about this first as one word that describes a city. It could be a verb or noun or adjective, any ONE word. The one word for Lexington.....friendly. I know this is my perception. Not all of my friends love this little town as much as I do and sometimes I can't figure out why. I know this is what we wanted as a family (small town living) and I love that I cross paths with the same people all the time in different situations. I'm over the no shopping options dilemma that most people have here.

So what's my word? I can't, content, friend, positive....I think I'll go with positive. I feel like I am a positive person and like to look for the postive side of situations and people.

My family's ONE word: Chuck - knowledge, Leland - excitable, Lucy - joyful


  1. Ashley told me she had posted something today and she wasn't sure if it made sense. I think it is a beautiful post of metacognition.

    As for the one word I have for her... love. Ashley is very loving of everybody. She doesn't care about judging people or being part of the gossip train. She doesn't care about your past. She wants to be friends with everybody.

    Sometimes I can be overly critical of situations or other persons. Ashley can analyze something objectively but is able to avoid being overly critical. She sees the facts without making unfair judgments. I love that about her.

  2. I love your post Ash. Very sweet and I am glad you love being mom. You are such a good one. I also love Chuck's comment. His description of you is very true. You have always been very accepting of others and have always treated everyone you meet with respect and love. I admire that and so many other things about you.

  3. I LOVE your post, you are such a great mommy! Amen to Chuck's comment as well! I am so grateful to be your sister!!

  4. Ashley, Wonderful thoughts....My one word for you would be "focused" .....and you focus on such good things......your family,friends,your church and community. I am so proud to be your Mom :0))

  5. Ashley - Yahoooo!
    That is my word for you.
    And now I am beginning to sound like a stalker. (again)
    But seriously Ashley, you are a joy and a treasure to have as a sister and I am so thankful Heavenly Father blessed our lives with you!

  6. Hey Ashley...I remember that time in your life, and in mine, and I know it's crazy when the time is just not right. Now I'm sure we both know the time is right...If that makes any sense. I know we are loving being mommy's.