Monday, March 3, 2008

THIS is Nature

While living in CA one of the things I heard Chuck say all the time was "I miss nature!" and of course the response of many Southern Californians would be "We have nature, we have the beach" I guess you can count the beach if you stay looking at the ocean and not turn around to face the million dollar homes stacked practically on top of each other and you forget about the crazy traffic you have to face to and from your drive to the beach. We loved our year in CA and are excited to visit as often as possible, but...

THIS is the nature that Chuck and I love and missed while living in CA. While standing on top of this ridge looking down at the gorgeous river, I said "THIS is why we chose to live here."

We reached this lovely view during our Sunday drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway a short 20 minutes from our home. The Parkway is the epitome of nature: gorgeous views, no road signs or billboards, no guard rails, no commercial vehicles allowed, and hiking trails. We love it! We love that we live in such a gorgeous part of the country that allows us to have such wonderful, peaceful Sunday drives.

Leland now instead of asking for the beach she asks to see cows and to throw sticks into rivers/creeks. Our little beach bum has turned into a good ol' country girl.


  1. I like how these pictures really show why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  2. My dad LOVES the Blue Ridge Parkway...I have been on it more times than I can remember.

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    I also love that Leland is wearing one of my girls dresses (if it is the one I am thinking of). It makes me happy to see her in them, but sad to think about how quickly our kids grow up. Miss you guys!

  4. Wow! You have to be living in the one of the most scenic places in the country. It is so great that you and Chuck appreciate and take advantage of it all.

  5. Hey Ashley! Good to hear from you! Looks like you guys are really enjoying all that beautiful nature.

  6. Well, I agree and disagree, since I am from California. I do understand the nature thing, most of California is pretty brown, at least the southern part of the state. But I DO love the beach and where I was raised there are a lot of mountains and places to hike, similar to here in Virginia. But I also love Virginia! Its beautiful! I especially love the change of seasons which you don't see to much of in California.