Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Routine Fun

I like the routine that the school year brings. We have something planned almost every day. Sadly, we are back to a Doctors visit almost every week. Hopefully that will end soon.

Lucy misses her sister when she goes to Preschool. She likes to wear her backpack around when Leland has left the house wearing hers. I recently cut Lucy's wispy hair. If you look closely at the picture of her on the track, you can see her "wings" that I shortened by about 2 inches. I love her little curls in the back. Curls are such a new thing for me.

We spent an afternoon at Boxerwood Gardens last week. I seriously love that place. Lucy is just the right size for the tunnel. It's so much easier there now that she walks all the time. Leland was showing me how strong she was. That stick she is holding up was 20 feet long, she was so proud of herself.

On Saturday evening, we went to a BBQ with people from church. It was so much fun. They had an awesome back yard with a swing, hammock chair, pool (although we did not swim), and a garden. Chuck picked a cup full of raspberries, while I ate them all. They were so delicious. It's been a long time since I picked raspberries.

Their home backs up to the Golf Course. Chuck realized that he has hit a few golf balls into their back yard. He found a few in their garden that he took to replace the ones he lost.

The family brought out the rockets that they like to launch for their grand kids. Leland enjoyed being the one to press THE BUTTON.

I captured the best picture on the first launch:
3....2....1....BLAST OFF!!!!
After a few launches, a rocket got caught in a tree. It took quite a while to get the rocket from the tree. One guy even climbed up the tree about 30 feet to shake the branches.

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  1. Lucy's blonde wisps are adorable. She is always so busy. Aunt Zebra is so attached to her and Leland is very sweet with her. She reminds me of you in so many ways.