Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day

Leland had her first day of Preschool this week. She has been so excited for weeks. I knew she would have a great time and would love every minute. She is like a sponge and loves learning new things and making new friends. We all went to drop her off. Leland decided that she wanted just Daddy to take her inside. I sat in the car with Lucy and was totally fine and not emotional at all.

Chuck walked her in she hung up her bag and went right in to play. He came back to the car and I asked "How did she do? Are you okay?" He started to cry and said "Our little girl is growing up too fast." What a sweet dad I have as a husband. Then I lost it and started to cry to. I want to say that I hope it gets easier, but according to my sister it doesn't.

Luckily I had planned a playgroup for kids around Lucy's age to come over while Leland was at school. My house felt very quiet and empty until they all arrived. It was fun for Lucy to play with kids around her own age. The time flew by quickly.

Part of the first day report:

Me: Did you go potty at Preschool?
LJ: Yes. I went pee pee. I didn't wipe, but I washed my hands with soap. I couldn't get my pants on so I yelled Ms J. I need your help! Then she helped me.



  1. Boo hoo going to school is so exciting, yet can be so sad at the realization they are growing up!! Leland is such a big girl and I am glad she had a great day...maybe next time she will wipe :-)

  2. Kids are so funny! I know my oldest, Lucas loves to drop his pants any old where and "take a leak" as he calls it. How fortunate!

  3. How cute is chuck? I can totally picture him saying that and starting to cry!

  4. I knew she would do great. Well, I am glad I am not the only one that cried when dropping off my child. That is cute Chuck cried too. I loved the pee story. Tallon is such a typical boy. He won't tell me anything unless I ask him. And then when I ask him questions he usually just says "yep" or "no". Hopefully my girls will actually talk to me.

  5. Leland will be the "STAR" of the class. She knows so much, loves to learn, and has a unique way of expressing herself. It will be a whole new chapter. Keep the stories coming...

  6. Awww...Leland's such a big girl! I suppose it's better to be independent than the long run.