Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Festival

On Monday I went to a Labor Day Festival in BV with a friend and her 2 kids. We went late in the day to enjoy some of the small town festivities. We made it there just in time to watch a few performances from The Rebels of Rhythm Cloggers. Leland sat down in front with all the little girls in awe watching them stomp and dance.

The last song they invited anyone who wanted to join them to come to the front. Leland drug her friend by the hand to go dance. Once the cloggers started, the girls both just stood there as still as could be. Finally, they started to stomp their feet, then it took everything I had in me to go up there with them to get them to dance. Chuck didn't believe me when I told him that I had. Sadly there is no video of me "clogging", I'm sure it was a pretty hilarious sight. But here's the girls.
After the dancing we headed to the playground area and just let the kids play. Lucy loves climbing up the slide. Leland on the other hand loved to just lay on the blanket. Her and her friend were watching the clouds talking about what animal shapes they saw in the clouds in the sky.

I had to include this picture of Leland becuseI love how blue her eyes look. Something about the blue in her shirt and the blue blanket make them stand out. This is her usual form as well - thumb in mouth and finger up the nose. I really want her to grow out of that soon, she looks so ridiculous.


  1. Her eyes do look really blue. Her hair looks so cute like that. I will have to try piggy's like that on Tara and see how she looks w/o bangs.

  2. I would loved to see a video of you clogging. I am observing you coming out of your comfort zone often. When you got on stage dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood at the Rocky Mount Museum, I was thinking... I like the influence Leland is having on Ashley The Mom!