Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Look like a Lady

We love going to Aunt Zebra's house. We had such a fun day with her on Monday. After hitting a large children's consignment sale, we went to lunch then back to her house to relax. She has a beautiful garden and Leland loves to help her outside. They picked some beautiful flowers.

Leland was cracking me up with her too big baseball hat. It kept falling over her eyes.

I decided to put a flower behind my ear for a picture and Leland says, "Oh mommy, now you look like a lady!" Apparently that's all it takes - a flower in your hair.

Leland also loves playing the piano, so Barbara gave her a short lesson. It was very cute.

She can now play 3 Blind Mice and Hot Cross Buns. (Are they the same? I have no idea.) She loves playing the piano and now makes up her own songs. Today she played me a song about her preschool friends. It was very cute. Our good friends let us borrow their nice Yamaha keyboard, so now Leland plays that one and Lucy sits on the floor next to her with the little toy keyboard.

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  1. I love that my sister loves my daughter and my grandchildren. She is a beautiful and talented woman.