Tuesday, September 2, 2008

4 Generations

4 generations
It was nice to have my family stop by our house on the way out of town after a fun weekend. I have wanted to take a 4 generations picture for some time and am so glad that we were able to do so.

To the right is a picture of the 4 generations with my mother as the baby. I tried to take a digital picture of the pictures my grandmother brought with her. Some turned out clearer than others, this one is a little blurry. We put together a slide show of pictures for my mother. It was really fun to see them all. My aunts gave her a digital picture frame so she can watch the slide show all the time.

I call my grandmother "Mommom" for obvious reasons - she is my mom's mom. Growing up, I called my great-grandmother "Grandma", so that name was taken. When my girls and I went to pick Mommom up from the airport last week, I was explaining to Leland who she was and how we were all related.

Leland calls my mother "Nana". After the explanation of "Mommom", Leland said, "Well then I will call her Nana-Mom." It was so cute how her little mind figured that out. Mommom loved it.


  1. That girl is so stinkin' smart!

  2. Hey Ashley! Your girls are cuties! It's been a long time. Kids come up with things I'd never even dream of!