Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How To Raise a Redneck...

Living in Southwest Virgina we live in Race country. If you don't know what that means, you really should come and visit us.

Many Sundays, Chuck likes to watch NASCAR and Leland loves every minute. My Southern Californian husband has embraced the South and all that goes along with it, including raising children that will be a little red.

Our Driver is Jimmy Johnson driving the Lowes 48. Leland and Chuck have other things to love about Lowes, but it started with Jimmy. Leland calls Jimmy the "Lowes 48 man". She can even pick him out of the pack.

She gets very excited watching the race. You can't see the picture on the TV, but she is pointing to # 48. Jimmy came in 2nd place on Sunday, but we still love him.


  1. Oh my word! Of course I have to log on and comment on this one!!

    That is the ONLY SPORT EVER to play on our tv set! (Except when Lani came to vist once and watched some women's basketball game or something and for a full year tivo kept suggesting other dumb sports shows that it thought I would like. Seriously tivo, we've been together 6 years and you really thought I would want you to tape the final four basketball? Do you not know me at all?)

    Anyway... Nascar is watched avidly by all three men in my house. It kills me when Brighton chooses that to watch. He even prefers it over the Disney Cars movie! Seriously!!

    Our favorite driver changes around a lot. Right now it is Carl Edwards. Bill had a really hard time getting over Dale Earnhart's death. He still sometimes gets sad about it. He has had a hard time truly committing to another driver because he was so devastated by it.

    He used to love Tony Stewart because he drove for Home Depot, but then as we got to know him, he is a total Chick Hicks kind of arrogant driver, so we quickly decided NOT to root for him.

    Joe Neminchek is the Army car, and both Bill and Brighton really like him. Brighton is certain that he wants to be an Army guy when he grows up.

    I think it is dumb that they changed it to "Drivers, start your engines." I liked it "Gentleman..." and I thought it should have stayed the same... out of respect for tradition... but whatever.

    I think that is all I have to say about this. Except, Welcome to our world Gates Family!