Saturday, September 20, 2008

Phasing out

I am phasing out the diaper bag since Lucy is getting bigger and I only really need to carry diapers and wipes for her. So I made this little pouch to just carry 2 diapers and some wipes. Now I can just put it in my purse.

Here is the pattern I used. I adjusted it a little. I'm not very good at following written instructions very precisely. I use them more as a guide then improvise (especially with recipes). It worked out okay, I just wish the top flap that folds over was a little longer. I'm not sure if it is a flaw in the pattern or my improvising. Oh well, it still serves it's purpose.


  1. So cute! How is she too old for a diaper bag? Tara is the one I need to entertain most. Esp. at church! So fun that it matches Chuck's Apron.

  2. That is really cute. You always do such creative cute things. I'm so sorry you guys had to go through all of that with Leland. Natalia had that done after she was born before we left the hospital. It has turned out to be a cyst and they have to just keep an eye on it. Leland is such a good girl, she has always amazed me about how fast she learns things and how well she deals with things. I hope everything turns out okay. As for your reason for blogging, I totally know what you mean. I as well have wondered if it is worth me doing it. I feel like my life isn't probably that exciting for others to read but it is just my record keeping. Although hardly any of my family actually look at my blog it has been comforting to hear messages from friends in different places and reading others. LIke your post about going to church. Church has been extremely hard for us lately with the three kids and every sunday we wonder why we are there. Yet, the next sunday we always show up again. It is good to know other's feel the same way we do and why we should continue to go. So thanks for your posts. I always love reading them. Sorry for the long message!!!

  3. What a good idea! I need to do this, but then I guess I'll need to get a purse... Maybe tomorrow at Heidi's!