Friday, September 12, 2008

Ducks & Glass

Earlier in the week we went to Gypsy Hill Park. It has a huge duck pond and great playground for younger kids. They also have a kids train that only runs on the weekend, so we will have to go back on a Saturday.

The girls and I had such a fun time. Both of them LOVED feeding the ducks. I was surprised that Lucy got into it so much. Almost all of my pictures are just the back of their heads. They could not keep their eyes off the ducks (I wouldn't turn my back on them either - ducks/birds always seem like they might attack at any moment).

Our treat of choice for the ducks was Rice Krispy cereal. For every handful for the ducks, Lucy took a handful for herself. Once our cereal was gone we went to a cute park perfect for their age before heading to lunch.

We met my Aunt Barbara downtown for lunch at Depot Grille next to the Staunton train station. After a yummy lunch we headed to Sunspot Studios to watch glass blowing. It is amazing to watch the glass creations made. We watched a man make a lamp shade. As he was finishing the final touches the glass fell off his pole. I could not believe that it didn't break when hitting the cement floor, but in the minutes that it took him to prep a new pole to work with (the tip has to be heated) the vase that we had watched him create over the last half hour started to shatter. The cool temperature of the cement floor cools that side of the glass faster than the side in the air. The uneven cooling shattered the artwork into pieces. It is a really fun thing to watch if you ever get the opportunity.


  1. I'm surprised you even take your girls to see birds/ducks. I know your deep dark secret about birds, ha, ha!

    I'm sorry to hear about Leland. I hope she is okay. Already she is learning about the problems of being female. I hope everything turns out okay. It is never easy watching a child go through something like that.

  2. You know how I love side ponytails. I like Leland's front/ side ponytail. Great picture of Lucy with ducks in the background. No question as to what she is up to. You always find the most interesting and educational places to visit. Sounds fun!