Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are a few random pictures from this month:

I've discovered a new job for the girls that they love to do - washing windows and mirrors. Now I will work on them cleaning the bathrooms.

We had a fabulous dessert at Kenney's that our friends who work there whipped up for us. Fried biscuit with strawberry and chocolate sauce topped with whip cream. It was delicious!!

Lucy has finally mastered the slide at the park.
I love seeing my girls cuddle with each other. It's so sweet. Before leaving for preschool lately Leland will give Lucy a kiss and say "I'm going to miss you SOOO much!"

Lucy is growing up so fast. I feel like she is starting to look more like Leland. I've been pulling out 2T clothes for her to wear because she is growing so fast. It's weird to see her wearing clothes that Leland wore when she was born.

She makes a few sounds that mimic words - help me, up, uh-oh. She can sign please, more, and food.


  1. 2T? 2T??? I can't believe it!! Cole is barely in the 18 month sizes!! that is totally crazy! 2T!!!!!
    Karen Hill got him some darling outfits that are size 24 months, and they are huge on him, but I am having him wear them cuz' they are just so cute and I am so tired of his 18 months clothes. But seriously? Lucy is in 2T???? That is CRAZY!!!
    ps... love you Ashley Whoo Hoo!

  2. 2 T is kind of funny! Tara's 2T clothes are still too big on her!

  3. I think that it's cool that your baby can express words in sign language.

  4. Lucy is getting huge! She looks so old and so big! We miss you guys so much. We never skype anymore! We want to see you guys tomorrow so make sure you get on so we can talk!