Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucy

I can't believe my baby is 1 year old. She brings so much happiness into our lives. I am so grateful everyday that Heavenly Father sent her to our house to live. She used to be a very quiet child and now she has become a screamer. It's a happy loud squeal most of time. I'm not sure if she is learning to be loud from her sister or if screaming is the only way to be heard over her sister.

Last Sunday she was so frustrated trying to crawl in a dress that she picked up the edge of her skirt, put it right in front of her face, and grunted in anger. I had several people from church come up to me in the hall afterward and tell me how funny it was to watch her get so mad at her dress.

Her personality is coming out more and more each day. She is pretty patient with her older sister smothering her with love and trying to wrestle with her. Leland's usual response is "She told me she wants to wrestle." (I am so sure when she learns to talk that is definitely what she is NOT saying.)

She says "Mama" all the time and gets very excited when her Daddy comes home from work.
Lucy loves to crawl onto things to sit: foot stools, LJs little chair, the low bench in our kitchen area. She gets so proud of herself when she accomplishes her goal. If there are pillows on the floor she will lay her head down on them and "cuddle".

Her newest past time is looking at books. I will go in the girl's room and she will have books all around her and will be flipping the pages of one.

Happy Birthday Lulu! We love you!!!


  1. I can't believe she is one! It doesn't seem that long ago to me when you were pregnant and then just had her. I think that, until I look at my girls and I can't believe they are 7 months now. I'm so happy I blog now...I love hearing how your girls and fam are doing. It makes me feel like we aren't so far away!

  2. One! That is so crazy! Happy Birthday to Lucy! We love you guys! Miss you!

  3. So fun! Your girls are too cute!

  4. Wasn't it just a year ago you were handing Leland over to me at 2am and dashing off to the hospital?! Lucy brought us together. Love that girl and love you guys!

  5. Wow, two girls! That's awesome! They're adorable. Hope you and yours are doing well. We are here in ol' NC. We're expecting our first child and are so excited!

  6. Lucy is so cute!! It seems weird that you have another little girl that we've never met. I sent you an invitation to my blog a little while back but I think I probably have an old email address. If you are interested, send me an email

  7. I am so glad I was there for Lucy's first week. She was such a sweet little baby--- spit up and all. I can't believe she is 1 year already. Happy Birthday Lu! Hope to see you soon.