Thursday, June 26, 2008


Once or twice a month I sit down with my favorite cookbooks to make a list of meals that I want to make. I compile a grocery list from the chosen recipes. When I return from shopping I make a list to hang on my fridge of all the meals I can make with what I now have on hand.

My cookbooks of choice:
Taste of Heaven - cookbook from Hampstead Ward 2005. It makes me feel connected to my friends I don't see anymore.
The Bodell Bistro - Chuck's family cookbook. 475 pages of yummy tried and true food.
Kraft Food & Family - easy recipes with short ingredient lists. Get the magazine free
My binder - 3 ring binder full of recipes I have printed off the Internet to try and enjoyed.

An OCD mother's worst nightmare.....mixed colors of PlayDoh. AAAHHHHHH!!!

Our new backyard neighbor. Yesterday there were 2 deer, but I could not find my camera. I later found it along with my cell phone, home phone, keys, and some mail stuffed in drawers throughout my kitchen. Indeed the work of a 3 year old.

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  1. So funny about the play-doh, I'm so with you on that one!