Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Being in school stinks for many reasons, but especially at the end of the school year when we have to say goodbye to great friends. Last week we had to say goodbye to the Barrett family. Even though we have only known them for one year we have loved all the time we have known each other. It's rare to find friends as a family: Jason and Chuck get along great, Sunshine and I are, in her words, the "same flavor", and Leland adores their boys Koa and Kai, and they love baby Lucy too.

Last week as they were packing their moving truck for the trek up north to Maine, Koa and Kai spent the day with us. We had a blast, playing at the park, playing hide-n-seek, and giggling under the covers. It was bitter sweet for me. The kids all played so nicely for the 8 hours together even with no naps, I couldn't bear to think that it might be the last time they could play. I would love for Leland to meet one of the boys one day at BYU-Hawaii and realize they were best buddies at 3 years old.

I heard giggling from Leland's room and when I went to check on them they were all cuddled under the covers. It was adorable.

Now we have even more reason to visit the Northeast. We will miss you Barretts.

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