Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Sister

Driving down our street I stopped to talk to a neighbor. Her daughter Carson is Leland's age. As I said goodbye and drove away Leland asks, "Where is Carson?"

Me: "She is at the pool with her big sister" Her mom mentioned it during our conversation.
LJ: "Big sister? Who is MY big sister?"
Me: "You don't have a big sister, you ARE the big sister to Lucy"
LJ: "But I want a big sister!"
Me: "Well Leland mom and dad didn't have any babies before you. You were the first one born, so you always get to be the big sister"
LJ: "I want a big sister!"

This went on for several minutes, with me tying to explain again how she does not have a big sister but she is the big sister to Lucy. I also included how she has a little sister instead of a big sister. Every time her response was "I want a BIG sister!"

Until finally I said: "How about I will be your mommy AND your big sister?"
LJ: "OK!"

That was a good enough answer for her and then she was happy.


  1. What a happy picture of Leland. And the view is beautiful. It makes your neighborhood look like it is right from a movie.

  2. What a QT she is! I will be her big sister as well as her aunt! Yea! Only 1 day left until we get to make our friendship bread!