Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lucy's 1st party

We had a nice little party for Lucy's birthday. My aunt Barbara, uncle Rick, and cousin Adam came over for dinner and cake & ice cream. It was nice to celebrate with family. Lucy had a fun time and Leland enjoyed showing Lucy what to do. How to open presents, blow out her candles, and of course eat cake. As you can tell from the cheesy picture Lucy is finally getting more teeth as her top 2 come in together.

Lucy got a new baby doll which she immediately gave a big hug and kiss, a new phone so she doesn't have to slobber all over mine anymore, and some puzzles.
Leland made her the cutest card that she was very proud of and enjoyed wrapping her presents.

Lucy was a little skeptical of the candle on her piece of cake and all the singing. I think she enjoyed playing with the cake more than actually eating it. She ate a few big bites and then started throwing it off the side of the high chair.

It was a nice evening with family. I'm so grateful to live close to the Babarsky's and that they came to celebrate with us.


  1. Look at Lucy standing up playing with her puzzle... how cute! I am so glad you were able to celebrate with the Babarsky's. I also love Leland's hair, she looks like such a big girl.

  2. I can't believe how big she is! Glad her birthday was a good one! Love you!

  3. Happy Birthday little Lucy. I can't believe she is one already!I miss this sweet little girl.

  4. Happy Birthday Lucy! What a cutie!