Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My sweet baby

My sweet baby Lucy. I feel like I don't write enough about her. She is getting so big. I feel like she has gotten really tall over the last few weeks. She loves her sister so much. It is really cute to watch their relationship evolve as Lucy is getting older.

Lucy still loves to look at books and loves to play with the tubberware. She bangs them around, stacks them up, and now has figured out how to wear them. She loves going to the park. The swings are her favorite although the slide comes in a close second. She is currently tyring to master climbing UP the slides.

Her newest fascination is the toilet which is no fun for any of us. If the bathroom door is open she will sneak in there to splash in the water (totally gross!) What's worse is that she wants to look in or try to reach in the toilet while you are trying to go. Like I said, No fun for ANY of us. Leland when she needs to go potty usually asks me to "Shut the door, so Lucy can't come in."

(Note: This is more for my journaling to recollect if this happens again.) On Monday, afternoon Lucy broke out in a rash. She had small red bumbs covering only her stomach and back. By the evening it spread up her neck into her hairline. She had had a fever from about Thur to Sat (peaked at 101) and was very fussy. Everytime she went to the bathroom she would scream and cry. I noticed the rash first the previous Sat. Then it was only on her belly and lasted only for a few hours.
I took her to the Dr on Monday. She thought it was a reaction to the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine that Lucy got 3 weeks ago. An infant could have a reaction up to a month after the vaccine. There is nothing to do treatment wise and if it was just a vaccine reaction, then the rash should not come back.

Now for Lucy's walking debut.....

You can't totally see it from the angle, but Lucy has the tip of her tongue hanging out of her mouth just like her dad does when he concentrates on something. BTW-It's not just the lighting I do have a major farmer's tan, nice.


  1. look at that baby go! Good work Lucy!

  2. so fun that Lucy is walking! Connor is sitting here saying "keep going, keep going." and "then do it again!"

  3. oh and funny, at first I thought that was a photo of Chuck's chest. Then when you didn't mention Chuck, I looked back and realized that there was no scar. Ha ha!

  4. Yay! I can't believe it! How exciting, I can't wait to see you guys again, it seems like it's been a really long time, but before you know it we will be back in Virginia.

  5. oh my gosh... it totally could look like chuck's stomach! Cute Lucy! Miss you guys!