Sunday, June 8, 2008

Picture a Day

So our cousin Laura did a picture a day in May. I know it doesn't rhyme but I'm going to try a picture a day in June. I might have to have catch up days (like today) but I'm going to try it.

I don't have a fancy camera and I'm not very creative in my picture taking, but I take my camera with me everywhere. It's the size of my wallet so it's always in my diaper bag. We shall see if I can keep up. I promise every day won't just be of my girls.

June 8th - Got Milk? Lucy's ever present milk beard while she learns the ways of the sippy cup

June 7th - Family at McCormick Farm

June 6th - Leland listening to the music at the free Friday night summer concerts.

June 1st - Taken by Leland of her silly daddy

1 comment:

  1. I'm so excited to see your picture a day! How fun that you get to have Mitzi and kids come play for a while.