Monday, June 16, 2008

Leland and the Beanstalk

These crazy tall weeds are growing all over in the field by our park. Every time we see one, Leland stops to tell me that they are beanstalks and they are going to grow as big as her.

Leland's first real injury:
Tonight Leland and I were making rice krispy treats. I decided to use cookie cutters to cut them into shapes. Leland happened to drop one of the cookie cutters onto the floor. I just left it and gave her another one to use. As we were finishing up, she slipped, fell out of the chair, and stepped right onto the cookie cutter. She started wailing, as it was getting late I thought her cries were a bit exaggerated. I looked at her toes and she did have a small cut on the outside of her little toe. She asked for a Band-Aid so I carried her back to the bathroom to get one. As I set her on the bathroom counter I noticed blood all over her foot.

There was another gash in between her 3rd and 4th toe. It was at such a weird angle, I'm not sure how it will heal. As we tried to clean and bandage it, she was screaming. It just broke my heart. Chuck wrapped all of her little toes together. In the midst of all the commotion Lucy shut her fingers in the cabinet drawer. No blood, of course, but she added to the noise level.

How does anyone manage more than 2 kids?


  1. Oh Man! That is scary! I hope Leland heals well and is feeling better soon.

    And I completely do people do it with more kids??? Amazing people.

  2. Oh the trauma! I have done that kind of thing before, like spilling some water, but not thinking about the little girl that will slip and fall in about two seconds after I spill it. I feel so bad when things like that happen. Hopefully Leland's toes will heal soon. Doesn't it always seem like when one starts crying the rest have to join in for some reason of their own? The joys of sweetie girls.

  3. What do you mean how do people do it with more then 2? We did it last week with 5 and I thought we did pretty darn well! :) You can always handle what you have. If you had one, you would be asking how does anyone handle more then 1. And if you had 3, you would be asking how does anyone do it with more then 3.

  4. Injuries are the worst!! Sounds like you braved the blood and crying like a pro!!

  5. So sad! Her cute painted toes with that bandage! So sad.

  6. That is pretty good to be her first injury since she is already 3. It probably is worse for you since you think you could have prevented it. Yesterday I snapped Emily's knee in the buckle on the stroller. She was wailing and boy, did I feel horrible!