Tuesday, June 17, 2008


2 princesses to be exact. I love it when I am lucky enough to have both girls asleep at the same time. I can read and do a little more digital scrapbooking. Here is my first actual page.
Nothing fancy, I'm still learning. I am using GIMP the free version of Photo Shop and there are all sorts of free kits out there. Thank you to all those people that believe ideas should be free and take the time to share them with others.


  1. i use the Gimp program too!! its kinda hard and not much training material out there! i hope you're able to figure it out then you can train me :)

    your page looks great :)

  2. If you google digital scrapbooking kits you should see a hit to a site called shabby princess. They have some very cute kits to download for free.