Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leland and I are so excited!

Tonight is the night Leland and I have been waiting for! The premiere of Wipeout on ABC at 8 PM.

Every time this show is advertised, Leland makes me rewind it, screaming, "Dad, I want to see the people crash again!"

Also premiering is I Survived a Japanese Gameshow. It will be interesting to see which one we like better.


  1. How fun! Thanks for the heads up, we will have to tune in for sure. Your post made me think of a funny spot on youtube. Check this Japenese game show out:


  2. Okay this is so funny because Dallin saw some previews for this before and somehow knows it is starting tonight. He has talked about us watching it together all day. He too gets so cracked up over it.

  3. I think kids might like this as much as Dora! Madison wants to watch it too. Ronnie and I used to watch the ones on Spike TV where the gameshow was in Japanese but the commentators spoke english, they were pretty funny!