Friday, May 30, 2008

My Girls

Everytime Lucy has a bottle, Leland wants a cup of milk too. If Lucy is laying on a pillow, Leland will cuddle up next to her. If Lucy is in her highchair Leland will pull a pillow next to the highchair and lay on the floor next to her. It is so cute how much they adore each other.
Lucy's new favorite toy is the monkey backpack. She puts the tail around her like a necklace and drags the monkey around. It is really funny to watch her get upset when the tail falls off. Lucy is also standing a lot on her own. She hasn't taken any unassisted steps yet. I am fine with her taking her time.
This is our backyard neighbor. We see the groundhog almost on a daily basis now. He is a fast little guy, I finally was able to capture a picture of him.
I scored my first thing from Freecycle (thanks Deon for the intro). I got a HUGE box of 4T girls clothes all for FREE. I have done 3 full loads of laundry of the clothes I scored. Leland was very excited and kept pulling things out, saying "This is really cool!" "Look at the THIS!" They all are really great clothes. There are only a few things in the box that I will take to Goodwill.

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  1. Leland's haircut is adorable. I'm sad to miss Lucy's birthday tomorrow. I'm glad Aunt Zebra, Rick and Adam will be there. Give everyone my love, Mom