Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun Times in April

Here a few things that happened in April:

We had cupcakes around for several days from Leland's birthday and preschool party. Well, one afternoon after returning to the kitchen from going to the bathroom. Leland says "Mom, I'm sharing my cupcakes!" I look at Lucy and she is stuffing chocolate cake into her mouth. During my short (apparently not short enough) bathroom visit, Leland pushed a chair to the kitchen counter, pulled down the container of cupcakes, opened it, peeled the paper off a cupcake and split it in half, giving half to her sister in the high chair.

Leland was so proud of herself for sharing it was really sweet. Of course Lucy LOVED the chocolate cupcake.

We went to W&L Law Alumni picnic. I know we are not alumni quite yet, but we were not going to pass up free pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, a bluegrass band, and a bounce house. I love the South! (Click on the pictures to see them larger)

These "popcorn" trees at the law school were just a few of many around town. Most have lost their blossoms by now because of the rain, but they were absolutely gorgeous. This one happened to "snow" on us.
This was a few weeks ago and I'm still finding petals in my stroller.
Click on the picture of us in front of the tree so it is bigger. Can anyone see why you should use canvas shopping bags instead of plastic ones? In case you missed it read my previous post Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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