Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Visit to Maryland

We went to Baltimore for a few days to visit the Benner family and Shana who had come down from Chicago. Despite the rain that poured the entire weekend we still enjoyed ourselves.
Our first day, Christine and I took the 4 younger kids to the MD Science Center while Chuck stayed home to play Play Station 3 all day. Shana met us there with her nephew Evan. The kids had a great time digging for Dinosaur bones, playing with the boats and toys on the water table, and running around with each other and all the other thousands of kids that were there. Being a Friday afternoon, it was packed with crazy school groups.

We also enjoyed playing Rock Band, Settlers, and making yummy food. Thanks for such a fun weekend.


  1. This was so so fun! I miss you guys so much and need these visits. P.S I really want these pictures, Will you e-mail them to me or upload to snapfish and share?

  2. It was SO fun!! I need your pics have WAY more than me and they are so cute! Love you guys!

  3. What is Nicholas doing to poor Leland?? And why is he wearing khaki pants and no shirt- I guess that is better than him wrestling in his underwear, like he usual does!