Friday, July 30, 2010

VB (part 5of 5) - The Beach

The girls loved the beach so much. Splashing in the waves was their favorite. They would run and squeal while jumping over the waves as they came crashing in. The last morning we played with another family that was also there for the same conference. They had twin 4 year old girls. A lady near by asked if I had 2 sets of twins daughters. Oh my, that would be crazy!
Charly enjoyed the beach sand, but not so much the water. It took forever to get her to actually put her feet down into the water. She enjoyed chilling in the tent so much more.Lucy loved every minute of the beach. Although, at one point, Leland and Lucy came screaming hysterically towards us. Sobbing very badly and creating a huge scene. I thought maybe one of them had been stung by a jellyfish or something serious, by the way they were acting. We finally figured out that Lucy had dropped her goggles into the water while passing them to Leland and were now swept out to see. Based on their reactions to the situation, other possible scenarios was a shark biting off their arm. Seriously hysterical. All for a pair of dollar store goggles being swallowed by the deep dark ocean.Leland overcame a lot of fears at the hotel pool, even eventually jumping off the side of the pool and off the diving board. She also would swim across the pool without holding onto Chuck. All of this was with her life jacket on. Maybe next year we will actually go to a pool more than 3 times during the summer and take swim lessons.During nap time, I enjoyed 2 hours of reading my book undisturbed while lying on the beach. Thanks to my cute hubby for staying in the hotel room with all three sleeping girls, it was fabulous.

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  1. Man, that was quite the vacation! Love the pics. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! I can already hear Chuck's big booming voice. :)