Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soldier homecoming surprise mix

Many of you know that I am usually strongly opposed to forwarding the cutesy e-mail message of the moment or posting it on our blog.
Adam, Shana, and Eli Cumberworth
But I happened to stumble upon this video on a the Facebook page of a friend serving overseas. I am making this rare exception to my usual scrooge approach on behalf of my good friend Adam Cumberworth, who in May, left his 6-month pregnant wife and nearly 2 year-old son to begin basic training before becoming an Air Force JAG. Last week, Adam got a 48 hour leave to go back to Shana for the birth of Emery Kate, but after two days was headed back to the Air Force.

God bless the Cumberworths, and all the families like them, for their service to our country! We wish you an equally joyful reunion when you see Daddy again!


  1. Chuck, You know that I am a postbaby emotional mess right now right? You are killing me! Thanks for the shout out. You are so sweet to think of us. Some families have it a lot harder. We, at least, get to talk to Adam every day. Only a month left until we all live under the same roof again. We are real proud of Adam and can't wait to see him again. And you guys too when you come and visit soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing that Chuck. But I too have a few extra hormones flowing right now so thanks for the tissue warning. Wow! Makes you really want to appreciate those you have at home. Thanks Adam for serving for our country and thank you Shana for living w/o him for us!

  3. Hate it when you link to private blogs! I want to read about the birth!

  4. send your e-mail address and I will send an invite.

  5. I saw this on facebook and I got the chills through the whole thing. Such a sweet movie. I had to turn it off cause I was bawling and I was at work. I am so grateful for the military families who make such huge sacrifices. God Bless the USA