Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fun

While I was having fun on the West Coast, Leland and Lucy stayed with my mom and Charly stayed with Suzanne. I am so grateful for their willingness to watch our girls, so that I could enjoy my time with my girlfriends. It allowed me to enjoy my time much more because I knew the girls were having so much fun.

Suzanne said that Sarah and Charly had fun chasing each other around the house laughing and giggling. I took Suz's camera to Seattle, so I don't think she has any pictures.

My mom had a packed schedule for Leland and Lucy.
  • Playing at her school
  • Fashion show and Kid Fest at Belk department store
  • Swimming
  • Walking around the Marina
  • Promised Land reunion where they got to watch the entire show
I love that Leland has friends that she loves to see when at my mom's house. She adores Hannah and Emily. They are about the same age as Leland and Lucy. Emily is blind and Leland just fell in love with her during her week at my mom's at the beginning of the summer. Leland even learned how to write her name in Braille.
The girls got to each pick out a new outfit that they would then model in the fashion show. Lucy's facial expressions are hilarious. Apparently, Leland and Lucy also sang impromptu solos.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. (Disregard the fact that Lucy is in her nightgown and Leland's shirt is on backwards.)
Thank you again Mom and Suz for making sure my girls were taken care of while I was away.

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