Saturday, August 21, 2010


On my way home from Seattle, I took a detour to Orange County for a day. I was flying standby and was having a hard time getting a good shot of going from Seattle to the East Coast on Saturday. Luckily, I had lots of other options: Spokane, Denver, Salt Lake, Columbus... Orange County was the best option to get in and out of. At first, I was a little sad about not getting home to my family, but then I was excited about my detour plan.

My first flight was totally how Amy describes flying standby. I was standing next to the customer service counter as Agent #1 is calling names off the standby list. She said to Agent #2, "Okay, I gave you John, Beth, Ashley, and Andrea." Then Agent #2 says, "Okay, we're done," and starts to walk towards the doors. I yell "Wait. No! I'm Ashley. You never called my name!" Agent #1 yells "Oh, sorry. Go! Go! Go!" So I run to the door, Agent #2 quickly takes my passes and shuts the doors behind me. Whew! That was a close one.

Tiffany was so great about being called at 10 p.m. on Friday night and being willing to pick me up from the airport the next morning. I was exhausted from all my late nights in Seattle and the west coast time change, so we just relaxed at her house. I loved playing with Brooklyn and just chillin' with Tiff.I decided to surprise Char, because she is just a FUN person to surprise. Her reaction exceeded my expectations. After failed attempts of getting her to come over to Tiff's house, I drove over to her house. They didn't answer any of their phones when I called from outside. As I knocked on the door, I could see Brighton in just a t-shirt playing. The conversation went a little something like this:

Brighton: Mom, your friend is here.
Charise: Open the door.
B: I can't. I have on no pants.
C: Brighton, just open the door!
B: No! I have on no pants!

(They go back and forth for a while until the door slowly opens with Brighton hiding behind it. Char is standing at the top of the landing behind the half wall at the top of the stairs.)

C: (Just staring at me.) What? How? What are you doing here? Ashley, is that really you? (In the most high pitch voice.)
I started to go towards the stairs, then Char yells: "I have on no pants! I have on no pants!"

Seriously?! Does nobody wear pants around here.
Hilarious. Typical Char. I was laughing so hard I was crying.

It was so great to see the Johnson's and Conley's. We played Mystery of the Abbey. (I thought I was going to have a 2-0 record in that game, but I blew it.) One meal in CA and I chose Pei Wei. I know they are all over the country, but they were close by, so it won out over Rubio's.

I only got a few pictures, but I was so excited for the quick visit and was able to cuddle with my nieces and nephews a bit.

It was a fabulous surprise end to my trip. Thanks so much Amy for the tickets.


  1. It was SO fun to see you and have you here! THanks for dinner! And thanks for playing with us. Brooklyn loved getting to know you better.

  2. Crazy! Seriously... I didn't have on any pants! I wanted to run down the stairs and hug on Ashley... but I wasn't wearing any pants.
    It was so great to have you here Ashley!!
    Love you whoo hoo,