Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Law School Friends

A few weekends ago the Rufener's, some friends from law school, came down from DC for the weekend. Abbie is a photographer and came down to shoot a wedding. It was nice to have them at our home and take them around Richmond a bit. See, I knew the "see you soon" works, but for all of you that moved west, when are you visiting VA?

We went to Maymont. It was HOT! I love Ella's look on her face staring up at Leland. The girls all played well together. It was fun to see Ella grown up. She was under 1 when we lived by each other last.On Saturday, both Abbie and Chuck worked for most of the day. I took Scott and the girls to feed the ducks, then down to the walkway out onto the James River. We also did a quick tour of the Civil War Center at Tredegar National Park. That evening we went to delicious Bottoms Up Pizza and walked around Main Street Station waiting for the attack of the birds at 17th Street Market (more on that later).I love Main Street Station. Even before we moved to Richmond I have loved this building. Every time we drive by Leland will yell, "There's mommy's favorite station!"
Be sure to check out a museum for free on Museum Day, Saturday, Sept 25th. Find a participating museum here.

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  1. Meh. I went and read the post you wrote (see ya soon) and got all sappy. What a great year that was. Sigh. Someday I'll have another year like that. :)

    I was so fun seeing you guys! Seriously, it was nice to have someone I know to laugh with, talk with and just hang out with. We must do it again soon! The ride home was so smooth sailing. I think it took us 2 hours flat. And I made some amazing pesto with all the basil you sent home as well as some really good citrus basil vinaigrette. :) You guys are the best. So glad that we have friends like you!