Friday, August 20, 2010

My Girlfriends - Seattle

I was so excited to be able to go to Seattle for the wedding of my best friend from college, Kristen. All by myself, without any kids in tow. I had so much fun, but I was surprised by how much I missed the girls (and Chuck). I had forgotten how easy it is to fly without kids. I also read an entire 400-page book (The Outlander by Gil Adamson) during my 5-day vacation, which is a record for me. I loved the book.

Liz, Kristen, and I have been friends since our freshman year of college in 1997-1998. They are the people that I regularly keep in touch with that have known me for the longest period of my life, besides my family - 13 years. That's a long time. It makes me feel a little old. They were my "little ones" 13 years ago, leaving me gifts and notes, cheering me up when I was homesick, and creating lots of mischief and fun. We made memories going to dances, shooting guns at the cabin, trips to Vegas and the "big black hole" (Grand Canyon), dressing like Skittles, and pretty much not fitting in at BYU. After college, Kristen and I moved to Baltimore together just days after 9/11. We were roommates until Chuck and I got married. I have moved across the country, and back, since then and she stayed in Baltimore all that time and found Mike. Liz and her husband have been in Ohio since graduating college.

We decided that each year we would try to get together around our birthdays, which are within days of each other. We've done pretty well. We've spent July 4th in Ohio, celebrated the first birthday of Parker (the first child between all of us), Leland at one month old, a weekend at Deep Creek in 2008 and, most recently, Kristen's bridal shower. Other times, there was only 2 of the 3 of us - Chuck and I getting sealed, Leland's birth, the beach in Cali, camping, Parker's baptism, and lots more I can't remember.

Seattle was gorgeous. Sunny and warm. Crazy, right? Not exactly the weather you would expect for Seattle, but we were lucky to be there during the one sunny month of the year. I've been once before with Kristen during college. I'm so excited to go back with Chuck and the girls sometime. Luckily, Amy and her family will be moving there soon, so we can't wait to visit them.The wedding was gorgeous. Kristen was stunningly beautiful. Nothing less was expected. Liz and I just wanted to follow Kristen and Mike around all day while they took pictures. They were so fun to watch and are obviously so much in love. I was so grateful to be a part of such a special time in Kristen's life.

I love these girls and I'm so grateful to have them in my life.


  1. spending time with friends is so much fun and I totally remember her from your B-more days..congrats kristen!

  2. So great that you were able to go!! Fun!