Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girls weekend

Every year I try to get together with my 2 best friends from college around our birthday month. Last year, I was having a baby and moving, so it didn't happen. Well we are making up for it this year. Kristen is getting married!! So Liz (who lives in Ohio) came to Baltimore to throw her a bridal shower. I'm so glad I was able to go up for the weekend. I can not wait till Seattle in August. It's going to be fabulous!An added bonus was that we got to also spend some time at Christine's house and play with cousins and Nana.
Dress ups are always a favorite activity.Playing in the sprinklers.Kissing cousins! These two are a riot!Leland decided to make water (snow) angels on the glass doors and got Nick in on the action too. Sorry Tine for teaching them a new trick. Payback for the silly bandz!

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