Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random things

A few random happenings, before our crazy summer travels start. When we don't have the structure of school and other weekly activities I rarely know what day of the week it is.
  • Lucy playing dress up.
  • Leland is into extreme coloring. She will cut out her pictures and tape them all over the wall. This little shrine has doubled in size since I took the picture.
  • Enjoying popsicles from the ice cream truck that drives around our neighborhood.
  • We had a turtle in our front yard! It had this mysterious brown goo behind him, that looked like poop, but after he left we noticed that it was dirt and he was sitting on top of a hole he dug. Maybe he, or really she, was going to lay eggs, but didn't like the paparazzi snapping pictures and took off.
Dancing it up on stage at the Children's Museum. I love Lucy's shoulders when she dances (top right)
Our "pool" - the fountains at an open air mall. The big girls love running through the water and Charly and I hang out in whatever shade we can find.

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