Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday LuLu!

For Lucy's birthday, we did our 2 family traditions. Big breakfast with a few presents and out to eat at Red Robin. For her breakfast she requested blueberry cake with Diego on top. I was going to make blueberry muffins and just put them in a circle like we did for Leland's birthday. When she saw me get out the muffin tin that morning, she protested. "No! I want a cake!" So I poured the muffin mix in a circle cake pan and she was satisfied with that.
Lucy's personality has been shining through lately. She is hilarious and loves to laugh and smile. She is a gorgeous little girl. She knows all her letters and can spell her name. She wants to read so bad just like her sister.

Lucy has been going to speech therapy for a few weeks. I feel like it has helped her enunciate somewhat better, but it really has helped her just talk more overall. I feel like she is more comfortable talking to others outside our home now.

At night, almost every night as we leave her room, she says"I fine. I go to sleep now." She always wants to sleep with a princess sheet, her baby coco, and a toy tractor.

The girl LOVES yogurt. She would eat it all day long if we let her.

Both girls right now are really into the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Chuck introduced it to them when we were reading the Old Testament story about Jacob and his 12 sons. We listen to the CD in the car and they watch an old Donny Osmond version online. Lucy loves to sing the songs. It's hilarious. Her favorite song is Jacob and Sons.

height - 40 inches
weight - 38 lbs
95th percentile for both

For comparison, Leland is 42 inches and 40 lbs. Lucy is quickly creeping up on her big sister. I often have strangers comment on my twins.

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  1. Oh sweet lucy lu bug! I love her so much! THat face just melts my heart every time I see her smile! I'm so sorry we missed calling her on her birthday this year! We will make sure to make up for it next yer!