Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Promised Land

Leland went to my mom's house for a week to prepare and participate in The Promised Land pageant in Bath, NC. The story follows a few generations of a family and their experiences through the Revolutionary War, joining the Mormon church, traveling West, and what one can learn from the Book of Mormon. For any of you that have been to Hill Cumorah Pageant, it is a micro mini pageant of that type, but a wonderful experience for everyone that participated and watched.

Leland had a fabulous time and was a trooper through the heat and long nights. Because of the extreme heat, many of the practices didn't not start until the evening and would go past midnight. Apparently is wasn't too bad because she's already talking about doing it again next year and maybe our whole family can be a part of it. Many of the families that were a part of the cast and crew were from Raleigh and camped all week while preparing. They come on Monday, practice all week, then perform Friday and Saturday. I think my mom's dream is to one year be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
One exhausted little girl. Her pink pioneer "costume" is a dress that my sisters and I all had matching ones of for a family picture.Top - The entire cast. Bottom - All the kids. After searching for Leland, she informed me that she is hiding behind a girl in a blue shirt because she didn't want her picture taken.It was amazing watching Leland up on stage. Even though she was just one in the crowd, she took her part very seriously, especially learning the words to the songs. It was an amazing pageant to watch.

Thanks again mom for giving Leland this wonderful opportunity.
Group and rehearsal pictures courtesy of Ed.

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