Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girly girls

While at mom's house to watch the pageant, Suz and her girls came too. It was fun swimming at the pool, playing dress ups, and just having fun.
Before the pageant, outside the amphitheater there were pony rides, games, and crafts. I love this picture of Lucy on the pony. We really were out in the middle of farm land. During the pageant, there is a scene representing the Revolutionary War and they shot off guns. The first night, we had no idea it was coming and Emily and Lucy started crying hysterically. When the shots go off, guys on the stage fall to the ground. Lucy kept yelling "They're dead!" I reassured her that they were not really dead and once the lights dimmed they would walk off the stage. Once she saw them all get up and walk off, she calmed down. The second night we watched the show, we had about 10 people come up to us before the show warning us of the loud shots that were going to be fired and may scare little children. I'm sure the screams from the first night let them know they should have given some warning.

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