Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zebra Time

We've been lucky enough to spend lots of time with Aunt Zebra lately. She came to stay with us when Chuck was in CA and she stopped again in Richmond on her way home from FL.

When she came for a few days, we were able to do some Richmond tourism. By accident, we ended up at Hollywood Cemetery. I got turned around driving towards Carytown, totally going the wrong way and when I stopped to check out my map, we were at the entrance to the cemetery. It was a beautiful day and so much fun to drive around. I love the views of the city and the James River from up on that hill. There is some amazing history and beauty.

Barbara and Lucy walked around for a bit while I was nursing Charly. Lucy walked right up to a little headstone that had some shells and jump rope on it and says "A little kid is buried here." She knew right away and kind of hugged the headstone, it was really sweet.We also happened to walk up to the grave site of the parents (or grandparents) of some of Barbara's old neighbors. She just recognized the name and it was really cool for her to randomly find.

After getting Leland from school we went to the Japanese Gardens at Maymont. There were very few people there and it was so pleasant walking around. We were able to get some great pictures.Barbara also watched the girls one night so Chuck and I could go out on a date. It was fabulous and a bonus date since we were also able to sleep until almost 9am the next morning. The girls went into Barbara's room when they woke up in the morning, instead of coming into ours.

The girls love taking pictures and Zebra lets them take endless pictures of each other and helps them come up with different poses.

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  1. How fun to have your aunt visit. And I am SO jealous of the sleeping in until 9:00, I don't think I've done that in years. And I love all the cute pictures of the girls!