Friday, July 30, 2010

Virginia Beach - Part 3 of 5 Dinner

We decided to go out to dinner for the "experience" and not just the food. So we scoured the coupon books and decided on a teppanyaki style Japanese Steakhouse. Leland LOVED it. Lucy, not so much. Charly is happy anywhere as long as she's sitting next to mom.
Leland tried using chopsticks, ate sushi, and all the other food put in front of her. She was a delight.

Lucy was a bit skeptical to begin with, then when the fire came and the cook joked that it burned her eyebrows, she lost it and never recovered. She ate nothing.

You can see at the end, Leland's excitement and Lucy's skepticism.

Charly enjoyed the attention from everyone around her. A table next to us full of girls celebrating a friend getting married, burst into laughter as they watched Charly take her chewed up chicken and try to feed it to me. At least she likes to share, but I'm not a fan of chewed up food.
Our dinner was delicious and it was a fun splurge for our family vacation.

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