Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Charly

It was so fun to be with family for Charly's 1st birthday. Recreating last year's cousins picture.I made a strawberry flower cake for her. After she blew out her candle all the kids started requesting to lick the candle. Unfortunately there was only 1, so the birthday girl got the privilege.She, of course, enjoyed her cake.

17lbs - still a tiny little babe
crawling, but no walking, not even standing

Today we had an evaluation for her gross motor and language skills. Right now, they do not feel she needs physical therapy, but if in a month or two she is still not standing we may consider it. Her language, or lack of variety of babble sounds, is a concern. We don't feel her hearing is a factor, she's just on an 8-month old level as far as the type of sounds she makes. She makes the most noise with an opened book in front of her. She flips the pages and 'reads'.I stopped nursing a few weeks ago and she has yet to drink more than 2 oz of any type of liquid during the day. No matter what type of cup or what is in it. She seems to like straws the best. She'll blow bubbles, then drinks. She eats like a champ despite having no teeth.

She folds her arms to pray, waves, gives kisses, claps. Her tongue is ALWAYS hanging out. Everyone, even strangers, comment on her crazy tongue. She loves to dump out everything in the kids cabinet. Adores her daddy and loves to play with him. She gets so excited when he comes home or walks in the room. Me, she just gets mad when I leave the room or put her down on the floor.

She is such a joy to have in our family. I love watching her play and interact with her sisters and daddy. I can truly see her love for them. As much as I complain about her always wanting me to hold her, I love to cuddle with her. She sticks her two fingers in her mouth and will just cuddle right up into my neck. I know there will be a day when she won't want to sit in my lap constantly to cuddle, so I need to enjoy why it lasts.


  1. Happy Birthday Charly! That picture of you and her at the bottom is so beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday cute girl! We had a guy in our ward from Richmond this week and totally thought of you guys (and how jealous we are that you still live out there!). The accent made me totally homesick for Virginia.

    P.S. Matthew didn't stand or walk until like 14 months. I wouldn't stress out about it. Then again, he was ginormous and possibly had a tough time balancing his ginormous head...

    Anyway, she's adorable. I love it that she "reads." Definitely a sign of future brilliance.