Saturday, June 20, 2009

Smith Mountain Lake

Last week we were able to have a mini-family reunion with my family for 3 days at Smith Mountain Lake. My sister Christine and her husband Todd were coming to his family's lake house for the latter part of the week. We were able to stay in the cabin a few days before they arrived and we had so much fun together. My sisters Christine and Suzanne with their families, my aunt Barbara, and my mom all came. All 8 cousins were there and they all got along great.

The ulterior motive was me training Todd and Suzanne my job responsibilities. We worked for few hours each day and played for a lot more.

The cousins had a great time swimming in the lake, playing in the sand, and just running around crazy. The house was huge and had plenty of room for all of us. The adults were even able to play a few games. We had our own little beach area and dock to play on.

The only good picture of one of the kids going down the slide into the lake was of my niece Emily and it's a great one! She surprised us all by wanting to go down the slide, she is usually a little more timid. Her mom wasn't even around at first, she just walked right up and got in line behind her cousins and down she went. We were all so proud of her.

Noah was a little streaker. He is potty training and would just pee anywhere while outside. It was so hilarious. One of the joys of having boys, I guess.

Chuck was able to do some fishing. He even fished early one morning in the rain. He only caught one 10in catfish that he released, but still enjoyed himself. Lucy was able to have her first fishing experience. She absolutely loved it. She caught on pretty quick and would just have us cast over and over so she could reel in the line. I was surprised how long she sat out their fishing.

The second night we were able to take a quick boat ride to dinner.

We were so glad Nana made it here just in time for the boat ride and dinner.
While waiting for our dinner Lucy and Noah broke out their dance moves.

This is oddly similar to a video from 2 years ago of their older sibs Leland and Nick seen here during a dinner out with cousins. Lucy and Leland even sport the same dance move.

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  1. Man you guys are so fun! You do it all. We can't wait to see pictures of the new one!!