Thursday, June 25, 2009

Name Game & Patience

This past week, all Chuck and I have been trying to figure out is what we would name a baby girl. Our boy name (Edward William) has been picked out since I was pregnant with Leland and is just waiting to be used. We really like using family names. Both of our girls' first and middle names can be found in our lists of ancestors. I would like to continue in that tradition. It's been hard choosing a favorite though.

Chuck has the idea that since this baby will be born close to July 4th, then the name should be patriotic. I'm not so keen on that idea. Here are some of his ideas:
  • Liberty Belle
  • Glory
  • Star
  • Amber (as in waves of grain)
  • Justice
  • Reagan
Here are some of our other actual ideas:
  • Charlotte
  • Virginia
  • Carolina
  • Brigetta
  • Annalee
  • Isabelle
Chuck thinks that since we can't decide on a girl's name, then it's a sign it is going to be a boy. We went to the hospital expecting Lucy with a few names in mind. The first time I held her and started talking to her, I called her Lucy. So, we will just wait to decide at a similar moment.

Yesterday, my aunt came to our house for the day. I was able to run a lot of errands and just wandered around Wal-Mart for a while. It's amazing how quickly you can get things done with out lugging 2 kids around with you. Chuck and I also were able to go out to dinner. It was really nice and the girls had so much fun with her.

I'm trying to be patient for this last week of pregnancy. I think most pregnant women are just done and ready to have the baby by the end. I keep reminding myself that a baby is a whole lot easier to take care of inside my belly. I am pretty uncomfortable, but it's not unbearable. I am choosing to be induced on July 1st. When you have older kids to make arrangements for, scheduling something is extremely convenient. Part of me would like to wait for the possibility of a July 4th baby, but I'm not that patient.

[Chuck's addition: In the comments, people asked about naming the baby Lexington, which we strongly considered along with Alexis or Alexandra and calling her Lexi. We both love it, but we never set out to have all L names and we don't really want to establish that trend. But it is not completely off the table.]


  1. Please no liberty Belle... you could do Liberty but not both. I knew a girl that had that and it was almost to much. But it was her first and last name, so whenever she said it she was like, "My name is Liberty Bell." So maybe a middle name won't be so bad. But whatever you choose is great. I do like all your choices! If you name her after a city, it would be so cute to have the 3 all cities! Houston, Brooklyn, Charlotte. You could also do Virginia or Carolina so they are all places. So cute. Can't wait to see him/her!

  2. I'm thinkin' boy because none of those flowed when I said it. Did you know that Melanie and James named their baby Virginia?

  3. What about Lexington and call her Lexi? Is that a big no? It might make the "L" trend a must. I do agree that the cities trend with Houston and Brooklyn is kind of fun.

  4. Okay, so I'm going to pull for Charlotte or Carolina, I just love both of those names. Either way it won't matter, because I'm totally pulling for a boy for you guys! We had friends whose baby was born on the 4th and they named her Paige Liberty, which was cute, but still sort of weird.

    Good luck with this last week! I will be thinking of you guys.

    PS...I don't have your address and I need to send you something I picked up, could you email it to me? Thanks!

  5. I am just so excited to hear about this baby, I don't care what you name him/her!

    Good luck!

  6. How very exciting! I hear you about struggling to come up with a third girl was hard, but do-able in the end. You'll come up with the perfect name if its a girl. Good luck this week and keep us posted!

  7. I think Annalee sounds so sweet! Yay for babies!! Good luck with everything in the next few weeks!!

  8. I'm not a huge fan of the patriotic names except Reagan (if pronounced Ree-gan). I'm just excited for the baby!

  9. I don't often leave comments but I couldn't let my vote go uncounted as nobody else had chosen them. I love Annalee and Isabelle. Both timeless. And I always said the third one was the hardest as we only have two hands to hold on to them when you walk across a street. Our thoughts will be with you.
    Aunt Pam

  10. How cute is the name Lexington! I love that!

    I know a cute Reagan. So I like that one best of the patriotic names. I do like Liberty but is Char ok with that?

    But I am afraid to tell you that For Connor, I had a girls name all picked out and no boy names. Then for Tara, I had a perfect boy name and no girl names. Same w/ Zetta. But I still think it is a boy. Good Luck!

  11. I like Charlotte and Isabelle. Can't wait, only a few more days!!

  12. I love the name Charlotte! Good luck with the last week of your pregnancy. Can't wait for the big announcement!

  13. Well, I OBVIOUSLY love the name Isabelle, so that would be my first choice. My next would probably be Charlotte, as in, "Charlottesville", aka CHIPOTLEEEE!! haha. I also agree with Abbie on the (Ree-gan).

    can't wait to meet the new baby...boy OR GIRL!

  14. ok, so, I didn't read Chuck's addition until after I posted my comment. My new #1 would be Alexis..and then her potential nick name could be Lexi. Everytime you say her name, the chapter of your lives in lexington will always be remembered.

  15. I think that is dumb not to name her a name you like (like Lexington) just because it does start with an L. You don't have to stick to it with #4. But if you like that name, then use it!

  16. Ack! I posted before I finished. What I was going to end with is that a trend is only a trend if you make it a trend. :)

  17. What about Liberty, and call her Libby? Just a thought?! Good luck with the birth! Can't wait to hear the details from Suzanne (or get them on twitter!!)

  18. Yeah, I think you are having a boy, so you probably dont even have to worry about all this.

  19. no no no no no!!!!!!!! do all L's name the boy landon something with an L i hate it when the first tow are the same letter and then the third is another do an L (BE SIDES DIXIE IS HAV ING THE SAME AMOUT OF CHILDREN AAND NAMEING THEM THE SAME NAMES AS YOU GUYS MY FUTURE DEPENS ON YOU)