Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy

I'm taking a break from Disney World posts to record our normal life a little, so I don't get behind.

Our little Lucy is 2 years old! I still can't believe how quickly these last 2 years have flown by. This little girl has so much personality and is a very determined child. Lucy loves her big sister so much and loves to do whatever Leland is doing. She is into princesses now, especially after getting to meet most of them at Disney World. She knows all of their names and knows which songs belong to which princess. She also loves Peter Pan, which is helping her speak with a British accent (Pee- tah!).

Her favorite foods are yogurt and beans. The girl can also down a bag of jalapeno Cheetos with her Daddy. Leland and I won't touch them. She is a great eater, but sometimes needs a little encouragement to get her started. She'll ask for Choo-Choo! so that Chuck will pretend her spoon of food is a train going in her mouth. She thinks it's so silly.

She has a great sense of humor. She loves to wear hats, sunglasses, headbands, or anything on her head. She still loves her binky, but we try to keep it to only in the bed. She loves to read books and I will find a stack of books in her bed with her in the morning that she will have gotten and thrown in there.

Her favorite songs are "You can Fly" from Peter Pan, "Bibidi Bobidi Bo" from Cinderella, the Star Spangled Banner, and Tura Lura that her Daddy sings to her.
When she is mad she usually just throws her self on the ground in quiet protest (sometimes it's a screaming fit). She will sit and look at you out the corner of her eye all sly trying not to let on that she is trying to look at you. Usually I will just walk away from her and she will eventually get up, but she once did this in the Wal-Mart parking lot. She sat down right in the middle of the cars pathway. Luckily, Chuck was with us so he could pick her up out of harms way (she's getting quite heavy for me to pick up).

We recently took one side off her crib and put on a bed rail, so she could get in and out herself. She's done really well with it. Once, I found her asleep on the floor next to her bed. The funniest part of it was that we had a harder time keeping Leland out of Lucy's bed at bedtime. She would say that she just wanted to cuddle her sister. Lucy now has her own toddler bed. We took down the crib altogether and she has done very well.

I decided to pull out the potty seat for Lucy even though I am no where close to having the desire to potty train her. She is just so interested in helping eveyone going potty - getting the toilet paper for you and flushing for you. So, the first time she sat on it, she stayed for about 20 minutes (never actually went). She refused to get off because I would try to put her diaper back on her. She got books and a game and just settled in. She sat a few other times over the next few days. Another time, she sat on it, stood up and peed next to it. I think this startled her a little and she hasn't sat on the potty since.

On her actual birthday, we made some blueberry muffins for breakfast to put candles in. She was thrilled that we sang Happy Birthday to her and kept saying "Again! Again!" I think we lit candles and sang to her about 5 times. She loved it so much. We had some friends over for dinner and cupcakes. They got her an awesome bubble making gun. It claimed 10,000 bubbles a minute and it did not disappoint. The kids were thrilled.

2 year old stats
36 inches tall - 90th% percentile
31 lbs - 93rd% percentile

I've been thinking that Lucy was a lot bigger than Leland was at her age, purely based on what clothes I remember Leland wearing around 2 years old when Lucy was born. Lucy doesn't fit many of those clothes. Well today I looked through Leland's stats and she was Lucy's 2 year old size at 3 years old!

one day old -- one year old


  1. I love your smile!! Happy Birthday Lucy Luba :)

  2. My cute Lucy Lou! Oh I love that girl! Sorry we didn't call on her birthday! Esp since you said she loved having you sing to her! Miss you guys!

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy! Jace is really missing his buddy, he's says hi and hopes you had a great day.

  4. Lucy has hair!!! Has it been that long? It gives me hope for my girl. We got a van too and our boys think it is sooo much cooler than he Tahoe-mom and dad aren't so sure.