Friday, July 30, 2010

VB (part 4 of 5) - Cavalier Hotel

We stayed in the Cavalier Hotel when we were in Virginia Beach. The tower we stayed in was oceanfront, just off the boardwalk. This is the view from the top of the hotel.

The historic part of the hotel is called the "hotel on the hill". It was pretty, but it was obvious that it is only opened for the summer months and not kept in the best condition in the open common areas. The girls loved the big rocking chairs to rock their "babies". Click on the picture and you can see the big 'L' with the girls so excited to standby by their letter.When the storm happened on the first night, our room flooded with the rain (the carpet was wet, but no visible water) since we were on the first floor. We chose not to change rooms, since I discovered that being on the first floor was fabulous. Our room was in the best location - with the sliding door right out to the pool, no balcony, and the closest room to the walkway to the beach. But the wet floors just made it musty, so we requested a fan to dry out the floor and blow out the smell.

Charly loved the fan. She was hilarious.

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