Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nana's Visit while Ashley goes to Girls Camp

My mom came and stayed with our girls for a few days, so that I could go to Girls Camp with the Young Women (ages 12-18 yrs old) from church. My assignment at church is working with these great girls. This camp was just our ward (or congregation) so it was a small group and not really "camp". We stayed in a beach house in Virginia Beach went fishing, kayaking, body boarding, and had lots of fun. More about that when I get all the pictures together.

I originally was planning to go for only two nights, but it turned into all 4 nights. My mom was so wonderful to stay longer, so I could be a part of this great activity. I was able to have fun because I knew that my girls were having fun with Nana. She took them to the mall, story time, Chick-fil-A, and spoiled them just as Nana's should. Aunt Zebra (my Aunt Barbara) came over for a night to help out too. Thanks so much. It was wonderful.

This week we found out that my mom has caught whooping cough. Those who choose not immunize, I'm sending her to your house. It's not fun. Get your kids (and yourself) immunized. It 's going around right now.


  1. Girls camp sounds like fun. Sorry to hear about your mom's whooping cough...was she never imunized? Is it something that adults need a booster for?

  2. That immunization only lasts till you're about 10 yrs old, so a booster is recommended for adults if it's going around. Especially if you are pregnant or around young children.

    I will be calling to get a booster next week.