Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smith Mountain Lake

We couldn't figure out what to call our family reunion since we all have different last names (Chuck and Todd want to start calling it the Donna Party, after my mother's first name and with the intended sound similarity to the Donner Party.) To me it didn't even seem like it could be called a "reunion" since we all talk to each other almost every day. But, this is our 2nd summer at Smith Mountain Lake together, so now it's a tradition. Next year there will be t-shirts.

The house is awesome with our own little beach.
All 9 grandkids.Lots of playing, cuddling, laughing, and of course haircuts. I gave 3. I'm not really good at it, just the only one brave enough I guess. Noah is the cutest to watch while he feeds Charly.
Catching some fish. Leah and Nicholas were the most interested in fishing. Chuck even helped Leah catch a fish in the net luring it with corn and marshmallow peeps. Leah kept asking if she could eat some of the peeps, even after they had been sitting in the lake water. Gross!
Fun with sparklers.

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