Friday, July 30, 2010

Virginia Beach - Part 1 of 5

The whole family was able to go to Virgina Beach for a long weekend. Chuck had a conference with work in an oceanfront hotel, so of course, the girls and I loved to tag along.

The first day was rough, though.

Lucy got carsick during the drive down - throwing up twice. Once in a Taco Bell bathroom and second in the car. Luckily, we stopped at a Wawa gas station where the employee pulled out a hose for us in the parking lot and we were able to hose down the blanket and towels that she caught it in.

Chuck had to go right into meetings when we got there. After eating lunch and getting into our room. We put on bathing suits to swim in the pool. Before we made it to the pool it started thundering. Then the rain and lightning came. There was no way I could keep the girls cooped up in the hotel room, so I let them go out and jump in the massive puddles that had formed. There was some confusion with our room and check-in date when we first go to the hotel, so we had been moved into a first floor room that is usually reserved for handicap guests. It turned out to be the best! Charlotte was able to nap in the room, while we played right outside on the sidewalk, with no balcony to make me nervous about. (My kids are the same age Chuck was when he fell off a 4th story balcony. I have a right to be paranoid!)

Back to the puddle jumping. It was so much fun! It was thundering and lightning. We would try to point out the lightning and then count till the thunder came. I think you only play this game as a kid in the South during the awesome summer thunderstorms. I'm sure everyone watching us from the balconies thought I was a crazy mother out there with my kids running around in our bathing suits. When we went inside to get ready to meet Chuck for dinner, the storm started to get worse. I turned on the TV to find out there was a tornado warning and a tornado had touched down not too far from our hotel. Nice.

The power went off and on a few times. Our room had water seeping in onto the carpet. The ceiling was leaking in Chuck's meeting. Not the best beach weather, but we had fun making the most of it.

The next morning, it was really windy. I took the girls to the beach in the morning. I think they would have lasted longer, but I could not handle the sand whipping against my legs with the 18mph winds.
(Note: I only had my phone to take pictures with when Chuck wasn't with us.)
We went to the pool for a few minutes before deciding that we needed something indoors until the weather was a little better. I decided to take the girls to Portsmouth. We went to a small children's museum called Andalo's Clubhouse. The big museum is under major renovation, so they have this small place to visit during the renovation. Charly is starting to have more fun at these type of places. I think she really enjoyed it since strollers were not allowed inside (since it was so small) and she had more freedom to crawl around. She's finally getting heavy to carry (a whopping 18 lbs now).

After the museum, we drove down by the water and checked out some of the big ships. It reminded me of when we lived in San Diego and made me really miss it.

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